NKI and VHIO Early Drug Development Know-How Exchange


NKI AND VHIO EARLY DRUG DEVELOPMENT KNOW-HOW EXCHANGE During September 14 and 15 2023, at the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) in Barcelona, Spain, Dr. Neeltje Steeghs and her team from the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) met with Dr. Elena Garralda and her colleagues for know-how exchange sessions on early drug development. Both teams shared knowledge on a variety of related subjects for two days, including clinical research, clinical trial procedures, patient pathway interactions, and early drug development. Additionally, they had the chance to share information, progress, and upcoming plans for the CCE_DART and Basket of Baskets (BoB) trial projects, [...]

NKI and VHIO Early Drug Development Know-How Exchange2023-09-20T13:24:49+02:00

The CARE 1 Project is launched


We are pleased to announce the launch of CARE1 Project, which officially started on May 1st, 2023. The project was submitted under the Call HORIZON-MISS-2022-CANCER-01-03, focused on pragmatic clinical trials to optimize treatments for patients with refractory cancers. CARE1 project is led by Gustave Roussy, with Prof. Laurence Albiges serving as the principal investigator. The European Commission has signed the Grant Agreement and approved the project on April 21st, with Grant N° 101104801. Over the next 60 months, CARE1 will be conducting a prospective randomized Phase III study, in a first-line setting for patients with metastatic clear cell RCC, comparing ICI-ICI [...]

The CARE 1 Project is launched2023-07-05T16:47:50+02:00

TRYTRAC Workshop at Gustave Roussy – Exchange and training for future leaders in translational cancer research


For the 4th Cancer Core Europe TRYTRAC* workshop, 18 ambitious clinical and translational researchers from Europe came together for exchange and training at Gustave Roussy (Villejuif, France).   With the focus on applied immune-oncology, the participants were treated to a comprehensive program at this leadership workshop. In addition to presentations of key researchers from Gustave Roussy, the TRYTRACers had the opportunity to get to know the Gustave Roussy site via a guided tour through the hospital and research laboratories. They got an insight in its structures of patient care and research by visiting the paediatric department, the radiomics department, the chemotherapy [...]

TRYTRAC Workshop at Gustave Roussy – Exchange and training for future leaders in translational cancer research2023-06-27T17:14:42+02:00

“One of the best online meetings during the pandemic”


“One of the best online meetings during the pandemic” Due to Covid-19 measures, the Cancer Core Europe Summer School will be held online again this year. “But even behind their computer, participants are given a unique chance to network between disciplines, age groups and specializations,” says the head of the organizing committee, Professor Stefan Fröhling from the German Cancer Research Center and the National Center for Tumor Diseases in Heidelberg. “Last year’s version, which was held online as well, was actually one of the liveliest and most interactive online meetings I attended so far!” Goal of CCE Summer School The goal [...]

“One of the best online meetings during the pandemic”2021-10-05T19:56:23+02:00

New website CCE_DART


New website CCE_DART The CCE_DART team launched the new web for the #H2020 Project. They are proud to be part of the Cancer Core Europe http://www.cce-dart.eu/

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CCE_DART generated project quality guidelines


CCE_DART generated project quality guidelines The CCE-DART quality guide lines define the general approach to quality assurance and the procedures to be followed for managing the production and review of the project outcomes, as well as for the development of the research activities. CCE_DART members should use this text as a reference document for quality management. It addresses the following sections: Project plan. Having a transparent project planning is crucial to ensure the quality of the research. The plan, containing the project objectives, timelines and expected impacts is detailed in the Description of Action – DoA (Anex [...]

CCE_DART generated project quality guidelines2021-07-05T20:45:18+02:00

CCE-DART Genral Assembly Update


CCE-DART Genral Assembly Update Recently the CCE_DART General Assembly Update took place.  General Assembly Meetings (GAMs) will be held every year. Six months after the GAM a one-hour update will be organised to present the current status of the project to all participants. CCE_DART is a H2020 project that aims to incorporate newer, more effective methods to the design, conduct and analysis of clinical trials, with special emphasis in creating a sustainable framework for academic initiatives. The project has been built around Cancer Core Europe, a network of comprehensive cancer research centres, and Basket of Baskets Clinical [...]

CCE-DART Genral Assembly Update2021-07-05T20:46:32+02:00

More experiences from the first TRYTRAC meeting


More experiences from the first TRYTRAC meeting TRYTRAC offers the next generation research leaders a way to deepen their learning about each partner site and its state of the art research and technology. The aim is to build a strong future community network to seize opportunities of ideas from each partner, and together turn them into collaborative projects. The first digital workshop took place in  April: 6 sessions, 17 researchers. Chiara Maura Ciniselli, Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, and Dieta Brandsma, Netherlands Cancer Institute, were two of them. A retrospective. How did you come into [...]

More experiences from the first TRYTRAC meeting2021-07-05T20:47:02+02:00

CCE Lectures succesfull


CCE Lectures succesfull Every month the Education and Training Taskforce organizes a CCE Lecture. And quite succesfull we can conclude. Although after a year of pandemic restrictions people migth be tired of Zoom-meetings, it is still an eays way of sharing the latest news and research information during lunch time. Without traveling. Laura Soucek, principal investigator mouse models of cancer therapies group at VHIO, Barcelona, focused her lecture of May 25th on Strategies and opportunities to target the undruggable target. The meeting was attended by more than 140 attendees. The audience asked several questions and VHIO received [...]

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New temporary members of the CCE Operational Board


New temporary members of the CCE Operational Board Laura Pelz and Tanja Jutzi have been strengthening the CCE team for the NCT Heidelberg during the parental leave of Monika Huber and Petra Oberrauch. Katie Mills is managing the University of Cambridge contributions to CCE whilst Rebecca Bradley is on maternity leave.  Laura started on June 1st at the NCT Heidelberg and will take over for national cooperations. She also works in the CCE Education & Training task force and the summer school team. Laura is biologist and did her doctoral thesis in Berlin at the Max-Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. Thereafter she worked [...]

New temporary members of the CCE Operational Board2021-07-05T20:47:59+02:00
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