CCE_DART generated project quality guidelines

The CCE-DART quality guide lines define the general approach to quality assurance and the procedures to be followed for managing the production and review of the project outcomes, as well as for the development of the research activities. CCE_DART members should use this text as a reference document for quality management.

It addresses the following sections:

  • Project plan. Having a transparent project planning is crucial to ensure the quality of the research. The plan, containing the project objectives, timelines and expected impacts is detailed in the Description of Action – DoA (Anex I of the Grant Agreement-GA).
  • Quality structure. This section details the quality of personnel, the responsibilities of those involved in the research and the training competence of research staff. The management structure is a key aspect of the project as it ensures the quality of the consortium as a whole.
  • Quality control of documents. Documents generated during the development of the project are going to be reviewed and checked to guarantee quality. This section expounds the general methods to assure the quality of all written documents and especially of the deliverables.
  • Assessment plan. In the project quality will be guaranteed both, externally and internally. In this point you will find concrete information about the assessment plan for CCE_DART project.
  • Riskmanagement. Risk management is a key aspect of the project, in fact other deliverables will develop with all details this point. Although in this section general aspects of risk management are exposed.
  • Otherdeliverables that ensure quality. Not only this deliverable assures the quality of the whole consortium, other deliverables involved in quality aspects are listed in this section.

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