Central Support Office

A one-stop shop for research is on the horizon where researchers seek guidance here for “everything” involved in applying for European grants, sharing information, legislation and regulations, financing and project management of translational and clinical research.

As of 2016, Cancer Core Europe has been establishing a network of colleagues who work in the legal departments of each institute. The central CCE legal officer, Carlos Lopez (VHIO), leads the legal group.
The main focus of this group is to put template agreements in place for each type of collaboration with external partners, as well as internal agreements.
Thus far, they have been successfully negotiated a template Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) between CCE partners and a Data Sharing and Joint Controller Agreement (DSJCA).
Recently, a major milestone has been established when the group negotiated and executed a Master Collaboration Agreement, which allows the CCE partners to share confidential information among themselves, which is essential to prepare applications and discuss future collaborations. Another benefit is that it simplifies the process of setting up a project agreement using a template attached to the Master agreement, which focuses on the specifics of the project and relying on the provisions in the master agreement for common terms. This will save a lot of negotiation time.

In 2020, Cancer Core Europe appointed  a Communication Officer to centralize all internal and external communication. The position of Communication Officer was first occupied by Lieneke Makaske (Cambridge), but after her  departure , the role has been taken on by Sjon Buijs (NKI).
The main goals of the Communication Office is to streamline and disseminate all relevant information to both external and internal CCE parties through the proper canals.
Similar to the way the Legal network is structured, colleagues from the communication offices from all CCE institutes are starting to connect through periodic calls. The Communication Office is currently working on a brand new website, a social media strategy, interviews with colleagues from the entire CCE network and presentations/branding towards external partners.

One of the main goals of CCE is  trying to attain large-scale European grants.
To assist in this, the Central Support Office has reached out within the CCE network and asked one of the parties to provide guidance and support in the identification and dissemination of, and application for such grants.

Within this network, CCE will Attempt to set up average budget grids, both for pharma-sponsored trials as well as investigator-initiated research. This would have the benefit of cutting down negotiating time, since external parties would only have to negotiate one budget with one party, instead of negotiating with all CCE institutes separately.

Are you interested in collaborating with us, or do you wish to get more involved in our activities?

Contact us, and we will get back to you: info@cancercoreeurope.eu

If you are working for a CCE-centre, please contact your local CCE coordinator.

If you are a patient and interested in treatments or you want to join a trial, please contact your local hospital.