Clinical Trials and Translational Research

This main theme is all about running new investigator-initiated clinical trials and facilitating industry-sponsored studies. Cancer Core Europe’s investigator-initiated clinical trials will benefit from expedited contracting and the ability to quickly open trials across all member centers.

The harmonized procedures put in place will facilitate Cancer Core Europe’s interactions with pharmaceutical industry partners. Our expertise in clinical biostatistics and methodology will support innovative next-generation clinical trial design.

Plans for the coming years

The recently initiated CCE-DART project is a H2020-funded project that aims to deliver novel methods for the design and implementation of novel, more robust and effective clinical trials in oncology by exploiting the mass data generated throughout these studies.

The Basket of Baskets (BoB) trial is currently open and recruiting patients with one active module, and a second soon to be initiated. We will ensure the continuity of the study by activating additional modules. Patients participating in this trial are discussed weekly in a multidisciplinary Molecular Tumor Board, through the MTB Portal, an ad hoc online clinical decision support tool.

We will activate three specific working groups (WGs) to bring together clinical and translational researchers: Immunotherapy, Precision Medicine, and Early Drug Development. These WGs will identify key scientific questions which will constitute the main focus of our research. Our aim is to work on innovative proposals to accelerate cutting-edge discovery and translate our findings to the clinic.

Connection to main theme virtual data center

The two main themes of CCE, clinical trials and virtual data center , together with education , must be tightly connected to ensure an efficient implementation of the proposed CCE projects.

Through the CCE-DART project we will be able to align the strategy of both main themes regarding to the harnessing and exchange of data. By working alongside the genomics task force  we will be able to establish a common platform that will need to be aligned with the virtual data center strategy.

Are you interested in collaborating with us, or do you wish to get more involved in our activities?

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