Cancer Core Europe’s DART’s kickoff meeting took place in February 2021. Some months after that the EU has positively evaluated CCE’s DART proposal. The proposal aims to improve the design- and facilitate- the implementation of clinical trials, with particular emphasis on investigator initiated initiatives. Patients will stand to benefit from this pioneering project and the development of three patient-centric tools.

The DART mode has been conceived to address current limitations of precision oncology and trial platforms that have been identified by CCE’s multidisciplinary team. According to the Principal Investigator of the project, Elena Garralda, from the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology in Barcelona, and lead of the CCE’s Clinical Trials and Translational Research program, opening the Basket of Baskets study was an important milestone for CCE; with CCE-DART the move to the next level started. By integrating the gained expertise, new digital systems, and new technologies and molecular biomarkers, the aim is to generate the path for the next generation of ‘smarter’ clinical trials.The CCE consortium members aim to improve efficiacy and transform platform trials in data-rich translational research programs by:

  • Developing digital systems (information-technology solutions) facilitating data management and clinical-decision-making.
  • Integrating accurate, dynamic imaging and molecular markers of tumour progression and drug response.
  • Using more efficient, adaptive clinical trial methodology.
  • Increasing patient engagement.

To achieve these proposed improvements, harmonized data-sharing and a technological-, legal-, clinical infrastructure developed by Cancer Core Europe and its BoB study will be leveraged as a case study for testing the novel model. This new concept will impact the design of clinical trials to come, consolidating a self-sustainig, data-rich, multi-endpoint global platform for clinical and translational research. Pharmacoeconomics assessment will test the sustainability of the model for its implementation in healthcare as well as its return of the investment to society.

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