Valtteri Wirta is the new Genomics task force leader

Since this month Valtteri Wirta is the new Genomics task force leader.
He would like to take the opportunity to thank Lodewyk Wessels for coordinating in an excellent way
the Genomics task force the last five years. And he introduces himself.

“I have been a member and representative for KI in the Genomics task force since its launch five years ago, and I am now look forward the continued work as task force leader. It is imperative to highlight that the work done by the task force is truly collaborative and that the role of the task force leader is simply to coordinate the work, the meetings and act as spokesperson towards the other task forces and the Board of Directors.”

The Genomics TF will continue working according to the plans established earlier. Ongoing key activities include the work on establishing coordinated and quality assured large panel testing across several (all) CCE centres during the next few years, and supporting the Clinical Trials task force by establishing capabilities for testing of additional biomarkers as needed for future CCE clinical trials.

During the upcoming year, the task force will establish strong links to the CCE programs for Clinical and Translational Research and Virtual Data Center to discuss how we can best support CCE in going forward in providing patients access to clinical trials, contribute to creating possibilities for cutting edge research, and establish CCE as a strong European collaborator to the pharma partners.

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Valtteri Wirta, Ph.D., Facility director Clinical Genomics Stockholm at Science for Life Laboratory
Dr. Valtteri Wirta, Ph.D. serves as Director of the Clinical Genomics Stockholm facility
at Science for Life Laboratory, Sweden.Dr. Wirta is affiliated to Department of Microbiology, Tumour and Cell Biology at Karolinska Institutet and School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden).
He is also the head of the Genomic Medicine Center Karolinska, at Karolinska University Hospital.

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