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Carolina Alves


Carolina Alves Costa Silva

Clinical oncologist and TRYTRAC fellow at Gustave Roussy

Could you please introduce yourself?

I am a Brazilian clinical oncologist with focus in genitourinary tumors, and currently a third-year PhD student. I study the impact of gut microbiota on cancer immunosurveillance and metabolomics-based hallmarks in patients with cancer.

How would you describe your experience in CCE’s TRYTRAC program?

Personally, I liked it. It is a great opportunity to meet great researchers from different domains and centers. Beyond the scientific discussions during the workshops, you get to meet and discuss in small committees with CCE experts, the rock stars from Oncology research.

From your perspective, what are the main opportunities for TRYTRACers?

Expand your scientific network and collaborative projects.

Would you recommend this program to other young oncologists?

Surely! Go for it!