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Cancer Core Europe offers

Cancer Core Europe concentrates on clinical trials and translational research on three main areas of interest:

  • Early drug development
  • Precision medicine
  • Immunotherapy

Supported by the transversal task forces genomics, imaging, pathology and ethical, legal and financial issues plus the core facilities of seven leading European cancer centers

Why collaborate with Cancer Core Europe

  • Optimised recruitment capacity through excellent clinical trials operations
    • The participation of Europe’s top recruiting hospitals ensures a high volume of patient inclusion.
    • Speed of execution and negotiation of regulatory procedures for trial initiation start-up process.
    • Agreements can be established based on the number of participating CCE centres (e.g. on purpose tumour biopsies, rate of paired biopsies and biopsies at progression, recruitment strategies, Data entry dedication…).
    • Involvement of our own academic CROs with centralised procedures to facilitate clin-ops.
  • Flexible trial designs adapted to the pharmaceutical companies needs
    • Implementation of all type of technologies, and exploration of novel endpoints depending on the pharmaceutical company needs.
    • Possibility to perform robust translational and correlative studies by using our our position as academic centers.
  • Enough critical mass to study challenging cancer types and address cancer complexity through swift collaboration
    • Possibility to identify rare patient populations.
    • Possibility to share translational data and tumour material/biopsies among all CCE centres.
    • Key clinicians specialising in specific tumour types have been identified to speed the discussions.
  • Standardised regulatory legal procedures, centralised by a dedicated CCE task force
    • Previous experience in rapid regulatory approvals of academic trials.
    • Pre-existing templates of IITs, Letters of intent and other documents expedite agreements among CCE’s centres and pharma companies.
Cancer Core Europe is a  sustainable network of seven leading European cancer centers
High volume clinical activity

  • 60,000 New patients/yr
  • 250,000 – 300,000 Patients treated/yr
  • Over 1.2 million consultations

Highly developed research infrastructures

  • Cancer centres and universities
  • Basic research infrastructure
  • Translational research culture
  • Clinical research programs
  • Early clinical trials culture
  • Investigator initiated trials culture

Committed to work together with a shared vision of the 21st century research we need to be doing for patient benefit

Are you interested in collaborating with us, or do you wish to get more involved in our activities?

Contact us, and we will get back to you:

If you are working for a CCE-centre, please contact your local CCE coordinator.

If you are a patient and interested in treatments or you want to join a trial, please contact your local hospital.