For the 4th Cancer Core Europe TRYTRAC* workshop, 18 ambitious clinical and translational researchers from Europe came together for exchange and training at Gustave Roussy (Villejuif, France).


With the focus on applied immune-oncology, the participants were treated to a comprehensive program at this leadership workshop. In addition to presentations of key researchers from Gustave Roussy, the TRYTRACers had the opportunity to get to know the Gustave Roussy site via a guided tour through the hospital and research laboratories. They got an insight in its structures of patient care and research by visiting the paediatric department, the radiomics department, the chemotherapy preparation lab as well as the precision medicine research building.

The structure and organization of Gustave Roussy, a hospital exclusively focused on cancer patients, is outstanding in Europe. Rated as one of the best oncology centers in the world, Gustave Roussy pursues the goal of speeding up the progress in order to expand the limits of knowledge and offer patients continuing improvements in the specificity of their treatment.

The scientifically excellent presentations highlighted all facets of immuno-oncology – including the latest technologies – led to lively, intense discussions among the interdisciplinary group of participants and speakers, and broadened the scope for everybody. TRYTRACers particularly appreciated the format of the inspiring leadership mentoring sessions, which provided an opportunity to interact with highly renowned leaders who shared their personal experiences during their careers.
Besides insider tips and keys of success in setting up and funding academic studies, applying for national and European funding, designing complex clinical trials, the leading scientists also provided insights into the tools a physician needs to start a research team, the right mix between pledging and saying no, and independence  from the mentor. They stimulated lively discussions on these crucial key questions and provided an opportunity for TRYTRACers to learn from each other by sharing their best practices and pitfalls.

The hospitality of the French TRYTRACers and the workshop organizers further stimulated the informal exchange of ideas between the scientists in an inspiring, relaxed atmosphere. With enthusiasm and commitment, they showed TRYTRACers the strengths of Gustave Roussy, their working areas with its advanced equipment, including its special secret places, as well as their favorite bars to end the evening by the Seine.

Despite the packed program, there was also time for a quick sightseeing. During a guided walk through the alleys of the 5th and 13th arrondissements, that is full of historical and hidden places, TRYTRACers were able to discover a Paris with village accents by means of the picturesque alleys and old factories – accompanied by facts and anecdotes from times past.

The workshop at Gustave Roussy made a significant contribution to further strengthening the powerful network of the highly motivated and engaged TRYTRACers – mentored by Ingemar Ernberg -,  who are a real asset to Cancer Core Europe.


*TRYTRAC stands for TRaining program of Young leaders in TRAnslational Cancer research. This CCE program aims to train a new generation of decision makers in translational cancer research, in particular to support the interaction between clinical and translational researchers within Europe. To learn more about CCE please visit